Here we are again, Happy as could be, All good pals ....

Haven't you often thought back to those days when the old 37th was at its peak? A thriving Cub pack feeding a thriving Troop. Plenty of leaders, some only appearing in summer. Seniors and Rovers too and wonderful, wonderful Shows every Easter.

Skip And much of it was all because of one man. Here he is George Herbert Moore - Skip
This site is not going to be a shrine, just an opportunity to list some memories and maybe for you to add some of your own.
All I am planning is a few pages of old photos and some lists of names to jog your memory. There are no plans for reunions, get-togethers, reunitings or anything else. If you want to do that go to the social network sites.
This site is just here for fun, and to try and remember the names of those in the photos. If you want to add some names and photos of your own great, send them along and I will happily add them. You can send me text and/or photos using my online form.
The names list on following pages is growing so please have a look and email some additions.

Since starting this site, in March 2011, I am pleased to say I have had a few contacts from ex-37th members and between us we have added some names to the list and a couple of photos. Many more would be welcome so please do email me. As this site was started in 2011 it might not be compatible with smartphones and tablets. Sorry. I might look at that one day but it will take many hours of re-writing the code so don't hold your breath, us a laptop instead!
August 2012 and more names have been added to the names list on the photos pages.
December 2013 - been a good year for contacts through this site. I have heard from Jon Quinlan, Martyn Frost and Les Hayman, who has sent a new photo. Martyn and Jon promised photos too but I haven't got them yet.
August 2014 I have discovered a long lost photo album - more pics added. Also had a facebook contact from Pete Lindley's son
September 2016 Nick Perkins contacted the site so I added his name to the list
June 2017 John Stillwell contacted the site and has been added.

July 2018 John Coupland and I have made Tales of Old Dartmoor copied on to DVD
Did you participate in TALES OF OLD DARTMOOR? If so and if you would be interested in a DVD please contact me. John Coupland and I funded copying it on to DVD and we would be happy to supply copies to anyone who wants a copy.

October, 2018 Have received new photo, and some spelling corrections, from John King, who is in Toronto, Canada and an email from Herbie, who prmises more inforamtion, and no doubt more corrections, soon.
October 2019 Pete Wise and Mac meet up in the New Forest to chat about old times. Photo is on a page somewhere on this web site.
June 2020 - Sorry the web site disappeared for a while. Technical hitch.
January 2021Now on another web server, hopefully more robust. Have heard from Laurie Milner.

About the site creator

I joined the 37th as a cub in 1958. I moved up in to the Troop in September after the "lurgi" summer camp! I was in the Woodpigeons and then in to the Curlews as a Second under Les Woodham. I eventually became PL.

I was in the Seniors and then in to Rovers just as they were disbanded and Venture's started. I was an Assistant and eventually left when I married one of the cub assistants, Jo Graddon in 1970.

I now live in Hampshire and am no longer involved in Scouting